What You Can Expect to Learn


Artmakers Studio Gallery

the oily hinge of the doorless door,
– open the door, there may be a breeze,
– or even the Painters Eye to seize.
– a life changing experience.
– Ellen Michel, pass-i-on, teacher and artist

When you join painting classes at the Ellen Michel School of Painting, you will learn to embrace your rich artistic expression, cultivate your ability, build confidence, and gain knowledge of the time honoured tradition of oil painting.

You will cultivate the ‘eye of the painter’, a rich and rewarding experience, that stays with you, inspiring you to paint, to see a painting in a tree, a rock, a vase, an apple, a face, – you will decide. You will also decide which technique and colour palette you will use to render the expression of that visual story. In short the visual world becomes alive with detailed observation that inspire you to paint and you have the power to do so.

Whether you are looking for a short abbreviated glimpse of painting or wish to pursue a longer indepth study of painting, Artmakers Studio Gallery will accommodate you. Whatever your individual need, we make you welcome and embrace the opportunity to serve you. We work with you to design a program of painting suited to your goals and aspirations, guiding you to achieve your full potential.

  • Learn to develop a broad base of knowledge in western art history to not only enrich and empower an individually creative painting life but deepen the understanding of the connection between the making of art, and social, political, philosophic and historical viewpoints. This rich diverse history provides a vital link to contemporary painting and a vehicle to imbue the student with a sense of ‘what it is to be an art maker in the past while being in the present’.
  • Learn to develop skills in oil painting with step by step techniques for application of paint, colour theory and principals of composition within the discipline of western art history with reference to Eastern art disciplines such as Zen. At Artmakers Studio Gallery, there is no prerequisite for students to have prior knowledge of painting or drawing skills to be accepted into the studio.

Teacher and working artist, Ellen Michel has pass-i-on as her mantra and gives candid insights into the process of creating. Working in the studio with personal consultation Ellen openingly discusses with her students the experience and the inner workings of the practising artist. Click here to learn more about the Art School or click below to view next classes and enroll online.

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