Sacred Heart

1220 x 1500MM


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Product Description

This painting speaks of my eternal love affair with Paris. The painting is a richly layered work unfolding with the use of many glazes over a long period of time. The lengthy process and joy of painting this work was in a sense a way tohonor Paris and its historical connection to art. The subject is a meditation abstracted from my visual memory and sketches as I walked the streets of Paris.

Inspired by the architecture of Napoleon’s tomb, it’s surrounding topiary and nearby house museum of sculptor Auguste Rodin, the large garden adorned with his sculptures. The painting is probably on a more unconscious level a tribute to Camille Claudel, sculptor, Rodin’s muse, and lover whose life became tortured as a result of Rodin’s inflated self importance and his harsh criticism of her artistic work (she was a woman in a man’s world). While she destroyed a lot of her own work in fits of depression her remaining work is displayed in the house museum.

Sacred Heart, painting relieson contrast between the architectural shapes of thedome and topiary,and the green watery bubbles in the foreground.

The painting makes a statement about the power of Green, and its association the life force, with water and the heart chakra. Green: the colour of life, without which there would be no photosynthesis).

Water is the cleanser. As one would dive down into water, then resurface,with the water still veiling the eyes, one is refreshed to see with a pure heart anew.

The Heart Chakra from which all love imitates. Thetemple of the Heart iscentral in the painting and is emphasized with thick impasto paint making it very sculptural.