Pilbara Dung Dreaming

760 x 610MM


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Product Description

My Pilbara trip brought a new perspective to my work.

Staying on a cattle station of 250,000 hectres, 250 kms from Port Hedland our group had the honour of entertaining the 5th generation family owners (mainly women, helicopter pilot included) to a campfire meal at the end of our stay. We, 8 artists, chose a way of expressing our appreciation for the opportunity to stay on this wonderful station.

My contribution was a ceremony around a dreaming circle of cow dung (of which there was plenty) with points marking the four directions of East, North, West and South and the Centre. Everyone was invited to walk the circle anticlockwise stopping at each point to reflect on each one of the cardinal points and finishing at the centre. After moving out of the circle the dung was set alight and there were celebrations.

This painting is to commemorate that ceremony.

Technique: to texture and warmth

The premise of the painting was to create warmth and earthiness. The colour is limited and subtle, using browns and oranges mixed with white for density (thick impasto) and blues, greys and black for contrast.