Earth Spirit

1370 x 1520MM


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Product Description

When in my garden wandering, there’s someone that I visit,
She often hides in mossy banks darkgreen and velvet soft.
She shows herself to those, who care to hope and dream.
She brings the fertile ground from which they all will spring.
With hopes and dreams all bundled,
I am careful not to make,
a crackle or crunch,
with twig or leaf,
For fear she will not show.
She lives a free Spirit Being,
In the garden of content.
Now hush, and through the haze I see,
Her moisture laden wings, bright as a rainbow,
in rays of golden light.
Be still now, for the sacred is at hand,
Not a breath,
Soak in the air,
Soak in the light,
Soak in the blazing cathedral.
Be still now, my pounding heart while my inner voice exalts.
I give thanks, for the numinous presence sublime.
Pure essence of life.

The intention of Earth Spirit is to demonstrate through the style of the painting the uncomplicated and free nature of the Life Essence a constant, hope and dream to experience and visit. It is in fact, the creative force that drives all life. Or as Dylan Thomas said ‘the force that through the green fuse drives my green age’.