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The Artist-Painter As Illusionist and Trickster

Artists throughout the millennium have sought to illuminate their message through illusion and trickery of the eye and mind. The artist not only describes appearances of an observed reality onto a two dimensional surface of canvas or paper, but consciously or unconsciously reveals much of their inner world. Reading a painting, can be an illuminating experience, its like unpacking […]

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Oil Paint Brushes

Oil Paint brushes we use in our Melbourne art school vary a lot in quality and shape however they are all made from bristle (a strong tough fibre either synthetic or hogs hair) unlike watercolour brushes which are made with a much softer sable hair. The most common brush shapes are filbert, flat and round. […]

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Towards a Reinvigoration of Seeing: Painting as a Way

Neuroscience in more recent times has shone a light on  the incredible capacity of the human brain to adapt and relearn by stimulating old pathways and  lighting  new ones. Our survival over millennium depended on  physical and mental agility, on heightened sensory abilities such as touch, hearing, seeing and importantly  the capacity to retrain and […]

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