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2017 and another year with the Ellen Michel School of Painting.

Last Sunday was our break up party. Thanks to everyone who took part in making our break up such a success. And thanks to those who could not make it, you were there in spirit and not forgotten. The successful afternoon was the icing on the cake. The real success lay ‘with the taste of […]

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Through the Looking Glass – the Prism – Breaking the Pattern – Igniting Curiosity for a new vision.

The Technology of Enchantment The aim of this blog is to give you, as the artist or the spectator an understanding of the technology of enchantment, in the production of Art. To illustrate how the technology is developed I will use an anthropological three phase structure demonstrating the process the artist goes through to create […]

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Can You Throw Something Away You Have Never Had?

Mum its ‘not hip’ to use technique in painting My daughter said to me recently, ‘Mum technique in painting is not considered important these days, so throw them away they do not help painting today. Techniques  were the foundation  and of all painting of the past, technique is obsolete, it is time to let go’. […]

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