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Abstract Art

Of all the genres and styles of art, I must admit to being the most confused by abstract. Sometimes, I really am at a loss to see the difference between abstract artwork hanging on a gallery wall and that of a scrawling created by my daughter back in her kindergarten days (and a few of […]

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The announcement of the 2013 winner of the Archibald Prize last Friday led me to ask the question – what is portraiture. The artworks making up the finalists this year seemed to differ quite dramatically, so what defines a portrait? Taking things back to basics, portraiture is any artistic representation of a person when the […]

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Continuing on our quest to unravel and demystify the different styles of art we come to Realism. Generally defined, Realism is the attempt to represent a subject truthfully and without artificiality all the while avoiding the constrictions of art convention, as well as the use of exaggerated, exotic, supernatural or unrealistic elements. In a nut […]

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