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Never Underestimate The Importance of Under Painting

With all my years of teaching and painting experience, there still remains a fascination for the use of under painting. By under painting I mean the initial ‘wash’ of oil paint ( paint thinned to a watery consistency with pure turpentine) over the whole surface of the canvas. Regardless of the style of painting, whether […]

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Creating a Studio or Artist Space

The first question to ask yourself is  – is a dedicated, separate studio necessary? While a separate building or room may not be necessary or even possible, if you are taking your art seriously you at least need a dedicated artist space. You need a personal space that you don’t need to clean up afterwards […]

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Tips on how to choose a subject for your artwork.

Are you having trouble deciding on the subject for your next work of art? Feeling lost and uninspired? You’re not alone, it happens to every artist (even the professional) from time to time, but we have a few tips to help you through it. “The faculty of creating is never given to us all by […]

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