Can You Throw Something Away You Have Never Had?

Mum its ‘not hip’ to use technique in painting My daughter said to me recently, ‘Mum technique in painting is not considered important these days, so throw them away they do not help painting today. Techniques  were the foundation  and of all painting of the past, technique is obsolete, it is time to let go’. […]

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An Ongoing Commentary on the Importance of Observation of Nature to Painting

The world loves Monet and his peers – bringing colour and light into the world – an optic sensation. Like all great movements, the French impressionist painters of the late 1800’s did not receive overnight acclaim when they first exhibited in Paris in 1874. Today, however, 150 years later, the French Impressionists painters are well […]

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Nature the Foundation for Painting

Continuing our lesson from last month we explore the strong case for the observation of nature as a basis for a painters training. From Giotto to Pollock we are exploring the implications of the observation of nature, its rendering and distillation. As a way of defining what nature is, we can divide it into two […]

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