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The announcement of the 2013 winner of the Archibald Prize last Friday led me to ask the question – what is portraiture. The artworks making up the finalists this year seemed to differ quite dramatically, so what defines a portrait? Taking things back to basics, portraiture is any artistic representation of a person when the […]

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Continuing on our quest to unravel and demystify the different styles of art we come to Realism. Generally defined, Realism is the attempt to represent a subject truthfully and without artificiality all the while avoiding the constrictions of art convention, as well as the use of exaggerated, exotic, supernatural or unrealistic elements. In a nut […]

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What is Impressionism? The Basics

If  like me you struggle to make sense of all the different styles of painting,  let’s take things back to basics. Starting with Impressionism, what is it and what sets it apart from other styles? Impressionism, is an art movement that began with a group of Paris based artists in the mid 1800’s. Art at […]

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