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Rembrandt Smoke and Mirrors

Rembrandt – the master alchemist unconsciously playing with  smoke and mirrors Releasing himself to the process of the paint and its qualities Releasing himself from dualism Re-linking to the connectedness of all things Receiving in grace the ultimate reward – finding the  reflection of self in the eyes of the other. Having, in my last […]

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The health benefits of getting involved in painting

Painting can have a positive effect on your mind, body and spirit. The participation and involvement increases your focus and attention, on both the work you are creating and the beauty around you and from there the benefits flow. Many painters find that painting is a type of sanctuary in our fast-paced life.  Perhaps this […]

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Alla Prima and Glazing

As I discussed in my previous weekly insight Oil paint is very flexible. This is so because of its composition. It contains Coloured powder pigment, Oil (usually linseed which carries the pigment and binds it together) A diluent (usually pure turpentine) which controls the consistency. Here I will discuss guide to four consistencies oil paint with various […]

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