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What Type of Art do You Like?

On her Facebook page last week Ellen posed the question ‘What type of Art do you like? That turned out to be a tricky question for me. I like what I like, but what type is that? Taking things back to basics, particularly for those beginners amongst us, art is essentially determined by medium, form, […]

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Overcoming the Hurdles to Discover the Artist Within

Getting started at anything new can be daunting and starting out as an artist is no different. If you have the passion to create you should do all you can to release the artist within. Here are the most common hurdles we hear and our tips on how to overcome them. I have no time. […]

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Have Brush, Will Travel

Unless you have been living under a rock you will be well aware of the popularity of instagram, facebook, twitter and other social media being used by people to post their digital photos of travels and holidays. It seems just about everyone carries a camera all the time with most phones having a camera built-in […]

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