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The history of colour is long and complex. All of antiquity has played a part in the multi facets of its story. Colour straddles the scope of human culture science art and religion The Egyptians as far back as the 8th millennium used colour for healing, the Greek, Alcmaeon of Croton as early as 5th […]

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A New Year’s Resolution Idea

Every year I make a New Year’s resolution along these lines: get fit, become more organised, clean the kitchen floor every day regardless of how a feel or what else I have to do and each time I have failed to stick with it. Last year I even tried the new trend of making a […]

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Oil Paint Qualities Opacity & Transparency

I love oil paint because it never ceases to amaze and intrigue me. With each brush stroke there is something new to experience. Its long history is testimony to its incredible qualities. Throughout time artists have continually challenged the way they make paintings. Subsequently they have developed techniques and materials that will best articulate their […]

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